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Explanation of the results

Technical quality

7.7 / 10 Very good!
The technical quality of a website is very important when optimizing a website for search engines. The technical quality evaluation is based on 34 topics such as the structure and composition of the pages, the use of titles and headings or the presence of dead links, frames and other poor indexable elements. A search engine runs software that retrieves a big part of the information from your website and stores it in a database. If a website has a bad technical structure this software is not able to retrieve all the right information that is important for indexation in search engines. Also websites with solid technical structure will be positioned above other websites because of the fact that this site will probably appear better. Based on objective criteria we have judged your website: Very good

Content optimisation

8.9 / 10 Extremely good!
Optimizing websites for search engines is called SEO. By placing the words you want to be found for on your website in headings, titles or page names it is possible to optimize a page for a certain keyword. This website scores for this item: Extremely good


10.0 / 10 Perfect!
The popularity of your website depends on the amount of incoming links. Having visitors coming in from other websites does not only mean there is a steady stream of visitors to your website, search engines also takes this into account with ranking your website in the results. This is because of the fact that when your website is worth linking to, this is usually not without reason. For popularity you score: Perfect

About the scores

To have your website optimized for all aspects it it important to score with higher numbers, preferably in the green zone. Scoring a 5 or a 6 is average, this is not bad but there is room for improvement. Try not to get into the red regions, this means there is serious work to be done.

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